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Explore Geneva Tourism's professional services and connect with our experts to enhance your Geneva experience.

Meetings & Conferences

Geneva has everything you need to make your event a unique experience. Explore the numerous venues and find the rare gem for your convention or corporate event.

Travel trade

Geneva is a welcoming and surprising city where people enjoy a unique quality of life. It is a place where culture, international organizations, lakeside incredible spots, wide green parks come together with the medieval History, the Protestant Reformation and the most stunning innovations in science.

Geneva Filmmaking

Geneva's stunning lakeside views, luxury heritage, and global significance offer a cinematic backdrop that will enhance your film production with exceptional visual appeal and cultural richness.

Geneva Excellence Club

Unlock Geneva's secrets! Immerse in learning, exchange ideas, discover hidden gems, and become an expert in this captivating city.

Media corner

Geneva, nestled at the heart of Europe, offers a unique blend of breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant international flair. Let yourself be inspired !

Why Geneva

Geneva is a welcoming and surprising city where people enjoy a unique quality of life. Discover Why Geneva is a beautiful destination for your clients.

Geneva at one with nature

Picture yourself in the centre of Geneva. Take a deep breath, fill your lungs with fresh air as you are in the city of nature! Admire Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Western Europe. Fancy a swim in its inviting water? Or why not discover the 310 hectares of parks, perfect for pushchairs, picnics, athletes and those who just want to escape from it all. Now look up and you will find the third largest vineyard in Switzerland, just a few minutes away. The vineyard stretches as far as the eye can see and disappears into the peaceful countryside. And to top it all, less than an hour away, the rooftop of Europe: Mont Blanc. Can you hear the echo of the Alps? Now, slowly breathe out, and admire a city that takes care of itself, its natural heritage, and, above all, you.

The city that nurtures nature

Blue, white and green; we’re proud of the true colours of Geneva! The blue of the surrounding water, a true source of energy. The white of the Alps reflected in the whites of our eyes. And the green of the countryside and vineyards, just beyond the city limits.

Search Geneva in Google Maps... Notice anything? Along with the size of Lake Geneva, the keenest of eyes will spot that the parks and green spaces cover more than 20% of the city, making trees one of the city’s biggest populations!

The home of fine watchmaking

Turn back the clock a few hundred years. For centuries, the city has been making time one of its most precious treasures. From its origins here in Geneva, fine watchmaking has become the signature of the city’s skills, quality and luxury. The art of watchmaking will forever be inscribed in the city’s DNA: today, in the heart of Geneva, you’ll find the densest offering of fine watchmaking boutiques in the world. And for true enthusiasts, Geneva happily opens its workshops, where manufacturers, watchmakers and jewellers carefully and patiently assemble these precision jewels.

A world-class city

If peace were a country, Geneva would be its capital. If the world were looking for a safe haven, Geneva would open its doors wide. Geneva is the vibrant showcase of a country that is multicultural and multilingual. It lives and breathes the word “international”. For a city so modest in size, it’s hard to believe that you will find not only the European headquarters of the United Nations but also the headquarters for the International Committee of the Red Cross, the WTO, 38 international organisations, the Broken Chair, a monumental symbol of the fight against anti-personnel mines, and more than 400 NGOs. Geneva also boasts more than 180 types of cuisine from all around the world: the same as the number of nationalities found in the city. From Geneva, you can experience the entire world.

Vibrant culture in every corner

International and multidisciplinary in nature, as ever, Geneva's cultural scene just can’t stand still! The city is also the capital of the most cosmopolitan canton in Switzerland. Geneva has a special ability to invite all the senses to come alive, and every flavour to mix. It is home to 40 museums giving a window to the past, present and future. In Geneva, the year is punctuated by festivals celebrating heritage, music, performance and contemporary art, cinema, gastronomy, and even light! In the streets, every language is spoken, every type of cuisine is on the table, and the city’s culture reflects all cultures. 

Science par excellence

Geneva is home to CERN and the worldwide web, lays claim to no fewer than 19 Nobel Prizes, and is the figurehead for the Health Valley. The city hosts one thousand biotech and medtech companies, as well as hospital infrastructures that act as a benchmark for the world. Geneva has a start-up spirit that knows how to put scientific excellence at the service of tomorrow's talents. 

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