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Explore Geneva Tourism's professional services and connect with our experts to enhance your Geneva experience.

Meetings & Conferences

Geneva has everything you need to make your event a unique experience. Explore the numerous venues and find the rare gem for your convention or corporate event.

Travel trade

Geneva is a welcoming and surprising city where people enjoy a unique quality of life. It is a place where culture, international organizations, lakeside incredible spots, wide green parks come together with the medieval History, the Protestant Reformation and the most stunning innovations in science.

Geneva Filmmaking

Geneva's stunning lakeside views, luxury heritage, and global significance offer a cinematic backdrop that will enhance your film production with exceptional visual appeal and cultural richness.

Geneva Excellence Club

Unlock Geneva's secrets! Immerse in learning, exchange ideas, discover hidden gems, and become an expert in this captivating city.

Media corner

Geneva, nestled at the heart of Europe, offers a unique blend of breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant international flair. Let yourself be inspired !

A memorable city

Experience Geneva's lifestyle and breathtaking scenery

From lakeshores to alpine peaks, Geneva offers an idyllic setting and an unrivalled quality of life. Driven by a true spirit of tolerance and openness to the world, Geneva is the cosmopolitan city par excellence. Discover its vibrant culture and surprising gastronomy.

Breathtaking scenery

Geneva overlooks the largest lake in Central Europe, with the Alps and snow-capped Mont Blanc in the background, and rolling vineyards just minutes from the city centre. From lakeshores to alpine peaks, this beautiful international city offers the perfect setting for outdoor activities and team-building in the heart of nature.

An oasis of greenery

Geneva is one of the greenest cities in Europe, with a quarter of the city dedicated to parks and other green spaces. Need a break? Take a walk or cycle through one of the lush parks. Or take a refreshing dip in one of the swimming spots, which the locals love in both summer and winter! 

Quality of life

A walkable city on a human scale, Geneva combines the advantages of a big city with a relaxed way of life. Between the lake, the mountains and the lush parks, there is no shortage of options to recharge your batteries or get away from it all. The quality of its infrastructure, transport and services make it a pleasant city, much appreciated by its residents.

International flair

Geneva is the cosmopolitan city par excellence. It is home to 196 nationalities, with a wide variety of religions and cultures living together peacefully. Thanks to its historical, geographical and diplomatic position, Geneva is a multicultural city, animated by a genuine sense of tolerance, inclusion and openness to the world. It is home to the European headquarters of the United Nations, as well as numerous international organisations and NGOs, attracting talent from all over the world.

Culture & gastronomy

Geneva vibrates to the rhythm of cultures past and present. The city boasts more than 40 museums, including four that are unique in the world: the Patek Philippe Museum, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, the International Museum of the Reformation and the Martin Bodmer Foundation. Explore the old town and its maze of cobbled streets, Switzerland's largest historic city, and don't miss St Peter's Cathedral, a landmark of the Reformation.

Geneva is also a city not to be missed for its gastronomy. Ranked third in the world for its culinary diversity - with no fewer than 180 types of cuisine from all over the world! - Geneva is a gourmet's paradise. Choose from 64 award-winning restaurants offering local products and exclusive creations, and let your taste buds be your guide.

The birthplace of watchmaking

The birth of fine watchmaking is closely linked to Geneva's history. It took off in the mid-16th century, when the reformer Jean Calvin banned the wearing of ornamental objects. Craftsmen and goldsmiths turned to watches out of necessity. Since then, watchmaking has been synonymous with excellence and innovation. Geneva, home to the greatest names in luxury watchmaking, is emblematic of this exceptional, world-renowned expertise. Several sites bear witness to this prestigious watchmaking history, including the Flower Clock and the famous Jet d'eau.


Like all Swiss cities, Geneva embodies the values of reliability, efficiency and punctuality. The quality of the city's infrastructure, transport and services will ensure that your stay runs smoothly. 

Thanks to its political and economic stability, Geneva has long been regarded as a welcoming and peaceful destination for visitors from all over the world. Switzerland is also one of the safest countries in the world. 



With its humanitarian and international tradition, Geneva is the cosmopolitan city par excellence. No fewer than 196 nationalities are represented here, creating a rich mix of cultures and traditions where everyone lives together peacefully. Geneva is home to 41% of foreigners, making it the most international city in Switzerland.  


Geneva encourages diversity, equity and inclusion to create a community where everyone is welcome and feels at home. The city promotes equal opportunities and provides the foundations for a welcoming and respectful society, without discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation. It fosters a sense of belonging, where everyone feels accepted and part of the community.

As an accessible city, Geneva makes its services available to all without restriction, with particular attention to people with special needs or disabilities.

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