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Explore Geneva Tourism's professional services and connect with our experts to enhance your Geneva experience.

Meetings & Conferences

Geneva has everything you need to make your event a unique experience. Explore the numerous venues and find the rare gem for your convention or corporate event.

Travel trade

Geneva is a welcoming and surprising city where people enjoy a unique quality of life. It is a place where culture, international organizations, lakeside incredible spots, wide green parks come together with the medieval History, the Protestant Reformation and the most stunning innovations in science.

Geneva Filmmaking

Geneva's stunning lakeside views, luxury heritage, and global significance offer a cinematic backdrop that will enhance your film production with exceptional visual appeal and cultural richness.

Geneva Excellence Club

Unlock Geneva's secrets! Immerse in learning, exchange ideas, discover hidden gems, and become an expert in this captivating city.

Media corner

Geneva, nestled at the heart of Europe, offers a unique blend of breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant international flair. Let yourself be inspired !


Meet & Taste card

The Geneva Tourism and Convention Foundation and the State of Geneva are delighted to introduce you to the Meet & Taste card. This gift card is valid in many restaurants, cafés and bars registered with the Geneva Tourism and Convention Foundation. It allows participants to discover Geneva's gastronomy at a reduced price during the congress. The card is valid in all the restaurants listed below

Check your remaining balance, the status, and validity of your card

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How to use the card ? Anchor

How to use the card ?

  • The Meet & Taste card can be used 1 day before, during and up to 2 days after the congress. 
  • This card is personal, non-transferable and valid only when duly completed (first and last names must be given). 
  • Cards can be used in several instalments and cannot be converted into cash. 
  • Cards cannot be replaced in the event of loss or theft.

General terms and conditions of use 2023 PDF

Card recycling

Meet & Taste cards are made of recycled PVC and are recyclable. Once they have been used, cardholders are invited to return their cards to a partner establishment or to the congress organisers for recycling. The cards can also be disposed of in a recycling bin.

Find a Meet & Taste establishment

Find a Meet & Taste establishment