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Explore Geneva Tourism's professional services and connect with our experts to enhance your Geneva experience.

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Geneva has everything you need to make your event a unique experience. Explore the numerous venues and find the rare gem for your convention or corporate event.

Travel trade

Geneva is a welcoming and surprising city where people enjoy a unique quality of life. It is a place where culture, international organizations, lakeside incredible spots, wide green parks come together with the medieval History, the Protestant Reformation and the most stunning innovations in science.

Geneva Filmmaking

Geneva's stunning lakeside views, luxury heritage, and global significance offer a cinematic backdrop that will enhance your film production with exceptional visual appeal and cultural richness.

Geneva Excellence Club

Unlock Geneva's secrets! Immerse in learning, exchange ideas, discover hidden gems, and become an expert in this captivating city.

Media corner

Geneva, nestled at the heart of Europe, offers a unique blend of breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant international flair. Let yourself be inspired !

News & Press releases

Discover the latest from Geneva with our news and press releases.


Destination news:

June: Geneva Tourism unveils inaugural Geneva Food Guide​ (ENG)

June: Lancement du Geneva Food Guide (FR)

June: Medienmitteilung Geneva Food Guide by Sébastien Ripari (DE)

February: Genève se classe parmi les cinq meilleures destinations européennes pour 2024 (FR)

February: Geneva ranks among the top five European destinations for 2024 (ENG)

February: Genf gehört zu den fünf besten europäischen Reisezielen für 2024 (DE)

January: Spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day with Geneva Tourism’s delectable ‘Choco Pass’ (ENG)

January: Kickstart 2024 with a European wellness getaway to Geneva (ENG)


Institutional news:

February: Genève dans le Top 5 des meilleures destinations européennes pour 2024 (FR)

February: L’activité des congrès à Genève enregistre d’excellents résultats (FR)

January: Changement à la présidence de la Fondation Genève Tourisme & Congrès (FR)




Destination news:

December: Balade hivernale au bord du lac Léman (FR)


December: Explore a Wonka-worthy magical world of chocolate with Geneva Tourism’s Choco Pass! (ENG)​

November: Discover Geneva’s vibrant art scene this January, with Geneva Tourism (ENG)

November: وجهة الأعياد المبهرة: أجواء جنيف الآسرة التي تحيي التقاليد وفرحة العيد وسحر فصل الشتاء (AR)

October: World-first: watch assembled at 30,000 ft on Swiss Airlines flight from Geneva and New York (ENG)

October: Discover the scientific secrets of the world we live in, with the opening of CERN’s Science Gateway (ENG)

October: Experience the magic of Christmas this festive season with Geneva Tourism (ENG)

September: Vivre la culture au cœur de Genève : musées, galeries d’art et inaugurations (FR)

September: Eröffnung des neuen Besucherzentrums des CERN „Science Gateway“ in Genf (GER)

September: One of Geneva's top outdoor attractions reopens (ENG)

September: Enjoy a big weekend in the world’s smallest metropolis, with Geneva Tourism! (ENG)

September: Explore the great outdoors this summer with Geneva Tourism (ENG)

September: عالم السيارات يتألق في قطر مع استضافة معرض جنيف الدولي للسيارات 2023 في الدوحة (AR)

August: Genebra apresenta novidades e roteiros imperdíveis (PT)

July: انطلق من قلب جنيف في رحلة إلى عالم الطهي واستكشف نكهاتٍ فريدةً من مختلف أنحاء العالم (AR)

July: Explore Geneva’s rich history and undiscovered viniculture, with Geneva Tourism’s ‘Heritage and Wine’ package (ENG)

June: Street art à Genève, des trésors cachés (FR)

June: Win a weekend in Geneva for two with Geneva Tourism’s latest summer campaign (ENG)

June: Celebrate World Chocolate Day on 07 July, with Geneva Tourism’s ‘Choco Pass’ (ENG)

May: Lancement de la nouvelle campagne estivale 2023 : « Genève inattendue » (FR)

May: جنيف للسياحة تكشف عن حملتها الصيفية "جنيف، تجارب غير متوقعة"، وجهة تتجاوز صورتها النمطية (AR)

Mai: Witness Europe’s most spectacular drone show this spring with Geneva Tourism (ENG)

April: Genève accueillera le plus grand spectacle de drones d’Europe pendant l’Ascension (FR)

April: Explore Geneva’s rich history with the reopening of the International Museum of the Reformation (ENG)


March: Savour the finest Swiss chocolate this Easter with Geneva Tourism (ENG)

March: Take your rail escape to the next level with Geneva Tourism (ENG)

March: معرض واتشز أند وندرز جنيف لعام 2023: احتفاء استثنائي بصناعة الساعات الفاخرة (AR)

February: Give the gift of chocolate this Valentine’s Day with Geneva Tourism’s ‘Choco Pass’ (ENG)

February: جنيف، وجهة عالمية للفخامة والتجارب الفريدة (AR)

Januaryr: Combine ski and city with a stopover in Geneva! (ENG)


Institutional news:

December : Les panneaux touristiques autoroutiers font peau neuve grâce à un partenariat entre Genève Tourisme et la HEAD (FR)

October : Défi horloger : une montre suisse assemblée à 10'000 mètres d’altitude entre Genève et New-York (FR)

May: Lancement de la campagne estivale « Genève inattendue » par Genève Tourisme & Congrès et saison estivale 2023 (FR)​

February : Forte hausse des congrès à Genève en 2022 (FR)

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